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Whether you are a small business owner or the manager of a large organization, crunching the numbers is probably not your favourite thing to do. Proper accounting is, however, one of the most crucial elements of a successful and stable operation for a business, nonprofit, or charity. Improperly done accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, or payroll can spell disaster, but a professional and knowledgeable Ottawa accountant can make a world of difference.


What qualities make an accountant good?

You may be wondering what it is that makes one accountant a great fit for your organization’s needs and makes another an awful one. It really comes down to expertise, integrity, and scope of knowledge and experience. The accountant that will take your business or organization to the next level is someone who does not run away from complex problems, someone you can trust fully and constantly with your internal information, and someone that can take on any type of accounting, including payroll, taxation, day to day bookkeeping, etc.

What makes Double Check Income Tax Services a good fit?

We have been in business for over 30 years, and our name is well known in the Ottawa area as that of a company that can be trusted with even the most complex accounting services. We do not shy away from the difficult projects or the simpler day to day accounting. Double Check Income Tax Services is an accountant solution that will work well with any business type or organization, regardless of scope. Over the years, we have helped small businesses start up their operations, have provided accounting services for larger businesses in need of professionally compiled financial statements and bookkeeping, and administered payroll for countless clients.


Do I really need an accountant, though?

You may try to do all of the accounting on your own, but you would run the risk of either causing yourself and your business serious problems down the road due to missing some information or misunderstanding a government regulation, or spending so much time being your company’s accountant that you will have no energy left for the work you actually enjoy. This is why we recommend employing the services of a professional and experienced Ottawa accountant. You will feel the difference right away.

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