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Professional Accounting in Ottawa

At no other time during the year are the services of companies providing accounting in Ottawa and beyond as required and sought after as the tax season. People that were not intending to file their taxes are suddenly asked to do so. Additional information is requested by the Canada Revenue Agency once the individual or business tax filing is completed. And, as always, the system of various levels and types of taxes, tax credits, tax exemptions, and tax categories is extremely confusing.

How does one make sense of all of this? How does one find the best accountant there is in the entire national capital region? The relationship you are seeking to establish here is one that can make or break your personal finances and credit rating, so you need to tread carefully. Generally, the qualities you look for in your accountant incorporate knowledge and experience, the time that this professional can devote to your individual case, and whether your particular situation will be carefully looked at instead of the use of cookie cutter solutions that may be detrimental to your situation.


Accounts payable, accounts receivable and other books of account


Bank reconciliation

Complete range of accounting services

Payroll services

Preparation of financial statements and management reports

Preparation of monthly financial reports

Government reports (QST, GST, CSST, Etc.)

Accounting software selection, installation and setup

Business inception and start-up consulting, incorporation

Organizing and maintaining of year-end report files, contact with external auditors


Experience and knowledgeability

Of course, the length of time a company has been in the business of accounting in Ottawa is very important. Someone who is just starting out may be a plausible option for an individual or small business who don’t expect much complexity out of their situation, but anyone who has been around taxes and tax related issues for a while knows that optimism is not always the best approach for doing your taxes. Experience and knowledgeability are essential qualities to look for in your accounting in Ottawa provider.

Do they have time for you?

Let’s say you’ve located the provider of accounting in Ottawa that is knowledgeable, friendly and very experienced in your particular type of customer. What can make the situation very different is if this seemingly perfect accountant specialised in accounting in Ottawa has no time to devote to you. Dozens of phone calls, emails and frustrated hours later, you will run for the hills in search of someone who can actually take the time necessary to do a great job for you. At Double Check Income Tax Services, we take pride in giving every client the attention they deserve. Call us for your consultation at (613) 235-3933.

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